Under the Kalahari Sky – Exhibition

The exhibition “Under the Kalahari Sky” presented by the project PARTY, Participatory Tools for Human Development with the Youth, wishes to share the experiences of the project, using information panels about participatory design process for social innovation. The following content will be addressed:

  • The culture of the San People: their history, customs and current situation as a marginalised society.
  • The communities with which the project has been working in the last four years and the Service Design methodology developed.
  • The workshops and projects which were carried out.
  • A book containing a collection of tools for agents in the social innovation field will be presented.

Opening 13 November. Time: 11.00

Presented by Adrian Larripa. http://www.pacollaborative.com/pacoer/adrian-larripa/

Paco Design Collaborative. http://www.pacollaborative.com/