Cities & Design – Design for the cities Workshop Thinking and action in public services and policies design

We will focus on studying how design can contribute to the process of creation or improvement of public services and policies. We will see some examples of cases in which service design has been used both as a discipline and as a practice. We will also compare and contrast these cases with the day-to-day experiences of those participants who wish to share them with everyone.

Do you dare to join us?

Time and Place: 15:30 to 17:00 – Azkuna Zentroa


Aimed at:

  • Technical, political and administrative professionals involved both in the design and strategy of public services and policies as in citizen attention.
  • Professionals working in the public service field.
  • Designers who are interested in public service design.

This workshop will be conducted by:

Four active organizations with a lot of experience in the field of design as a driving force to achieve urban transformation and/or public service and policies.


ColaBoraBora is dedicated to designing services and helping create environments and processes of collaborative innovation that focus on people.

We help different types of clients to imagine possible and desirable future situations so as to produce new opportunities in times of changes. Additionally, we are also with them to help them put them into practice successfully. Our work is based on paying the same attention to the WHAT (pursued challenges) as to the HOW (how to approach them). / @ColaBoraBora /


DESIS Lab ELISAVA (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) is an active research lab created in 2016 as part of ELISAVA Research. It belongs to Desis Network, formed by over 30 design laboratories located in different universities of the world and whose teaching and research activities promote social innovation and sustainability.

DESIS Lab ELISAVA is an agent of change. We explore the relationship between design and social change and our goal is to open the mindset in education, social innovation based on design and research. / @desisnetwork


Maraka designs responses to the new situations that public institutions and companies must face. We use design to transform these new situations into innovative opportunities that are worthwhile for both organizations and customers or users.

Our innovation process combines knowing the customers and users thoroughly with participatory design, strong sense of business and future approach. / @MarakaStudio /


We understand design as a tool that helps to generate solutions that improve people’s living conditions and enhance their skills and abilities. We work with regions, organizations and individuals, developing projects that seek to transform conventional models and structures. Our projects focus on expanding the design processes by hacking traditional roles and dichotomies (designer – user, programmer – public, administration – citizens, teacher – student) with a bottom – up approach. We believe in the power of design to achieve transformation as well as in transformation through design. / @wearetipi /