Design as the star of animation cinema and video games


Design is essential when creating digital content. In the case in question, it is present throughout the entire creative process necessary to produce digital animations and video games in 2D and 3D format. There will be a presentation with practical examples of how students from DigiPen Bilbao work on the design when creating their projects. Some of these have been recognised and received awards at international level.

Carlos Varela

imagen varela

Carlos Varela, in 1985 worked on the very first animation feature film produced in the Basque Country. Since then, he has been devoted to animation in all formats: film, television, advertisements, video games, and web. Varela has worked for a number of leading entertainment media companies, including Warner, Universal, BBC, RAI, Globomedia, and others. He has also served as designer and director on animated TV series, directed four feature films, and served as assistant director on another four. Varela has received two GOYA awards from the Spanish Film Academy and has been a finalist several other times. Recently, one of the feature films he worked on as creative designer and director won two awards at the Houston Film Festival — Best Animated Feature film and Best Applied Technological Innovation in Animation — for his use of Flash animation software in a theatrical film. Varela’s expertise resides in character design and storyboarding, and he has also been an animation director and collaborated as a screenwriter. He has several years’ experience in teaching subjects related to animation and video game production.


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Date and time: Friday 16 November 15.30 to 17.30