Tiny spaces, new places to live – Conferences If you are thinking about decorating a tiny space, these are your talks

The aim is to analyze and think about minimum living spaces from both a technical and creative point of view.


Every day we find different places, increasingly smaller, that have to meet the needs of today’s habitability: kitchens with utopian plants, bedrooms reduced to the bare minimum, multi-purpose common areas … But, what does a space need to be able to inhabit in it and thus meet the needs of our customers?

We will see some examples of minimum living spaces increased using alternative solutions of design and furniture made to suit each project.

In addition, there will be several interior design and industrial design professionals presenting some of their designs and giving examples of suitable solutions to “small spaces problems”.

Haymar Fernández, founder and designer at Nordkampp, will share with the attendees his view and show his designs of minimum living spaces related to camper vans interior design.

Iñigo Oliver and Ainhoa Uriarte, designers at Oliver Design, will show us their work and share their experience in the industries of design and naval architecture, as interior designers of different habitable boats.

The conference is aimed at lovers of interior design as well as those who are interested in decoration, design and home construction. We will focus on the type of housing called mini houses, analyzing the pros and cons and their “tailor made” solutions.

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