EXPO HYPERDESIGN Expand the limits of design

“Hyperdesign. Expand the limits of design” Exhibition.

Dates: From 15 to 27 November
Time: 8.00 – 20.00 hours
Venue: Ensanche Building Atrium (Plaza Ensanche, 11)

Hyperdesign is the theme of the BBDW18. With the aim of making what this concept wishes to express more visible, an exhibition has been designed which brings together the work of new artists and designers whose work crosses the borders between disciplines, languages and technologies.

  • ABAD. Green Divisor
  • BERNI GONZÁLEZ DE ZÁRATE. The Wearable Factory Project
  • HOLA. Plato Hola
  • IÑAKI REMIRO. Bosque / Beira / Soto Superviviente
  • MABI REVUELTA. Cuaderno de notas para Geómetra
  • NEREA APODAKA. Christo Dior
  • RAQUEL MEYERS. Romantízame [romanticize me]
  • SARAY PEREZ CASTILLA. Treatise / 2.0

Curator: Benicio Aguerrea (EIDE)

Exhibition design: ABAD

Free entry