Funding the Cooperative City book presentation Civic Economy and Finance of Community Spaces

“Funding the Cooperative City” explores experiments in community-led urban development in European cities. Situated in the post-welfare transition of European societies within the context defined by austerity measures, unemployment, the financialization of real estate stocks and the gradual withdrawal of public administrations from social services, this book aims at highlighting the importance of self-organised, locally rooted, inclusive and resilient community networks and civic spaces.

Time and Place: 12:00 to 13:30 – WikiToki  

Activity in English.


DANIELA PATTI – @Eutropian

Planner specialised in urban regeneration and environmental planning with a particular focus on metropolitan governance and collaborative planning. Her recent research and projects’ interest has been on the governance of peri-urban landscape, the revitalisation of local food markets and new economic models for community-based urban development. She is a co-founder of Eutropian and holds a Ph.D. in Urbanism from the TU Vienna.


Urban planner, researcher and policy adviser who has worked with the municipalities of New York, Paris and Budapest. Specialized on urban regeneration, cultural development, community participation, local economic development and social innovation, with a special focus on building development scenarios on existing resources. He is a co-founder of Eutropian and holds a Ph.D. in Urbanism from the CEU in Budapest.