Industries & Design 2017 – Hitzaldiak Programa

This edition of Industries & Design attempts to focus on Service Design, a discipline that can contribute to provide companies with competitiveness and innovation. It is assumed that just selling a product is not enough anymore, it is necessary to offer services related to the product itself so as to the brand as well.



15:30 – 16:00 – Credentials

16:00 – 16:15 – Opening of the day

16.15 – 17.15 – Aurkezpenak I

  • Anna Meroni, Politécnico di Milano, Zerbitzuen diseinuaren oinarriak eta funtsak.
  • Pamela Mead, Strategic Design Consultant, Diseinuaren etorkizuna: optimista baten ikuspegia
  • Jeanine Kierkels, Philips Healthcare, Estrategia eta zerbitzuen diseinua, osasun-arretan

17.15 – 17.40 – Elkarreragina: galderak.

17.40 – 18.40 – Aurkezpenak II

  • Jaime Moreno, Mormedi, Produktuaren diseinutik zerbitzuen diseinura.
  • Asier Pérez, Dowayo, Landa-ikerketa, zerbitzuen diseinurako
  • Jon Fernández, Orbea, Orbea kasua: enpresaren eraldaketa, erabiltzailearen bitartez.

18.40 – 19.00 – Elkarreragina: galderak.

19.00 – 20.00 – Itxiera + Networkinga



ANNA MERONI – Associate Professor of Design at Milan’s Politecnico University.
Strategic and service design, social innovation.

Anna Meroni is Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano’s Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion Department. She researches about service design from a new perspective of social innovation, emphasizing sustainability in design. Her main areas of research are food systems and housing innovation involving sustainable lifestyles.

PAMELA MEAD – Strategic and service design consultant.
The Future of Design: an optimist’s view

Pamela Mead is a strategic and service design consultant, now working out of Berlin. She has spent the last 15 years building design teams and practices in companies as diverse as Palm, Yahoo!, Intuit, Telefonica, and recently, HERE Technologies.  Her work has always focused on working with emerging technologies to create meaningful products and services that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Her priority is solving the right problems in ways that delight through their simplicity, effectiveness and integrity.

JEANINE KIERKELS – Creative lead and people research consultant at Philips.
Strategic & service design for healthcare

Philips is a health and well-being company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovations. Philips integrates technologies and design into people-centric solutions, based on fundamental customer insights. Design is at the heart of the company, shaping the way people experience the brand, products and services. At Philips, Jeanine provides strategic design consultancy for global healthcare organizations to improve patient experiences and optimize workflow and performance. 

JAIME MORENO – CEO of Mormedi. National Design Award 2015.
Innovation in service design, industrial design and digital experiences.

After a long international career, Jaime set up his own business, Mormedi, an international design consultancy company that innovates through customer experiences. Its strategic approach implies offering service design, industrial design and digital experiences. Jaime’s professional career at the helm of Mormedi has been rewarded with important national and international design awards.

ASIER PÉREZ – Research and Creativity Director at Dowayo Service Design and Co-author of “This is Service Design Thinking”.
Field research for service design

Forefather of service design in Spain and strategic foresight executive specialized in strategic innovation, service design and experiences. Asier is an experienced planner who helps companies to devise new business opportunities based on a clear and specific way of innovating. He is currently working on international projects related to different fields in Europe, South America and Asia.

JON FERNÁNDEZ – Chairman at Orbea S.Coop.
Strategic and product design.

Jon Fernandez has been General Manager of Orbea since 2011, where he has been working for 20 years. This cooperative company has more than 175 years of history and is one of the most important world manufacturers of high-end and high-level competition bicycles. Nowadays, Orbea goes for great customization, custom-made fabrication and experiences so as urban mobility.


The Designer Association of the Basque Country – Euskadiko Diseinugileen Elkartea (EIDE) is a professional association that since 1986 integrates and represents Basque Country’s and Navarre’s professional designers – industrial/product, graphic/digital, spaces, services …-.