The second surprise Workshop with Katsumi Komagagta


Saturday 17 and 18 November. Time: 10-13 h and 15-18 h.

Euskalduna Conference Centre Auditorium FIG.

The cost of the workshop is 60 € for members and 70 € for non-members.



The feeling or emotion we feel when we are not expecting something to happen. / An unforeseeable or unexpected event.
The same occurs with illustration. It is about training in order to create the surprising book using the Komagata method. A couple of studied programmes will be developed so that each student is able to reach their own goals. A couple of years ago, Katsumi visited Bilbao for one of the Bonito Editorial workshops at Bilbaoarte. Now he is taking part in FIG and the Bilbao Design Week hand in hand with Bonito Editorial and Euskal Irudigileak.