Pechakucha night especial Dweek

PechaKucha Night “special: Design Week” is a lifeline to the rest of the world which counts on the participation of 10 creative projects from Biscay. These projects will be presented in 20 * 20 format and therefore, you’ll get to know about them in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

An inspiring event in which you will have the opportunity to contact with other professionals.


1. Eder Aurre, Eder Aurre Ferreira, Passion for work (Fashion design)

2. Basquegame, Unai Extremo Baigorri, Basquegame: Serious Play (Video games)

3. Marina Goñi, Marina Goñi, Three truths and three lies (Graphic design)

4. Blogmedia, Joaquin Trincado, La Higera de los Bastardos. The last wit (Cinema)

5. PlayStation IberiaIker Uncilla, PlayStation Games Camp Bilbao (Videojuegos)

6. Koalak Studios, Alba Vidal, Designing a dream (Audiovisual)

7. T7 Arkitektura, Alejandro Conejo, L´atelier (Architecture)

8. Mama Kitenge, Ibone Garamendi, Mama Kitenge: African inspiration fashion (Craftwork)

9. Ziriak, Javier Hernández, Light, more light (Product design)

10. Media Attack, Elbio Nielsen, Media Attack: New films for a new Era (Audiovisual)

11. Fair Saturday, Iñaki del Olmo, Fair Saturday: a day, culture and social change (Culture)