Sustainability in the fashion industry – Conference Carry Somers, Founder of Fashion Revolution

Carry Somers, founder of global movement Fashion Revolution, will come to the Basque Country for the first time to talk about sustainability in fashion. The global fashion industry faces major challenges such as high pollution levels, transparency and the need to ensure decent jobs.

After the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh in 2013, Carry Somers decided to take part and help to regenerate the textile industry. That’s how Fashion Revolution was born. For more than 20 years, Carry Somers has been a foremother of fashion industry by backing transparency in her brand’s value chain – Pachacuti – mapping the GPS co-ordinates of all the steps of the production process. Having travelled to many different countries and having worked with different communities, Carry has a global vision of this industry.


BIAAF is a platform devoted to the discover and launch of young promising fashion designers from all over the world provided they are talented, innovative and very creative. Its main goal is to promote young fashion designers internationally among the fashion industry, the general public and the media. In 2017, BIAAF has taken up the challenge of promoting sustainable fashion by developing sustainable actions in Latin America (Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil).


The British Council has developed the Sustainable Fashion Program, a high-flying three year long project which aims to promote good practice among Europe’s fashion designers through training, creation and exhibition of designs which are distinguished by their excellence.

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