Gamification Technologies for the CCI Presentation of environments for the application of the technology

Conference on Technologies for the CCI

Conference Programme

16.00 h – 16.05 h Welcome and Presentation of the Conference, Basquegame Association.

16.05 h – 16.25 h Application of the CCI in the industry: video games 4.0, Santiago Córdoba-BinarySoul.

16.25 h – 16.45 h Immersive room for Product Design without limits, Unai Extremo-Virtualware.

16.45h – 17.05 h Application of simulators in the cultural and creative sector, Iñigo Ocariz-Gestionet Multimedia.

17.05 h – 17.25 h Immersive working environments, Elbio Nielsen-Media Attack.

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17.30 h – 18.30 h Space for the practical demonstration of different success cases based on gamification technologies (simulators, gamification platforms, VR solutions, etc.).

18.30 h – 19-00 h Space for networking/individual consultation of businesses and Close of Conference.